Restaurants and Bars

Penelope Hotel Pinelopi Restaurant in Protaras Cyprus

Pinelopi Restaurant

Pinelopi restaurant is responsible for the hotel’s gastronomic scene. With expertly trained chefs, the international cuisine will surely compliment the elegance of the dining area.Serves throughout the day, a wide variety of international and local specialties with an extended choice of local wines. Also a rich buffet breakfast and dinner is served at Pinelopi Restaurant.

Penelope Hotel Pool Cocktail Bar in Protaras Cyprus

Pool Cocktail Bar

Next to the pool, the cocktail bar offers a great variety of dishes, exotic cocktails, special coffees and favorite classic drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Penelope Hotel Kiosk in Protaras Cyprus

Farkonia Snack Bar

You will find our hotel's snack bar, few meters from the waves overlooking the golden sands and crystal blue waters offers a great variety of snacks, exotic cocktails, special coffees, favorite classic drinks, pancakes and waffles in a combination with a children’s playing area and electronic games. All what your heart desires, well almost :)